Token Utility

The platform charges a flat 0.3% transaction fee. This fee must be paid in NXT Token.

The NXT Token is designed to map out the details of any smart contract executed within the platform.

NXT is used as a reward when an enterprise recommends Nexity Network to their suppliers.

NXT must be transacted on the blockchain to record the history of every single supply chain event, each payment, shipment, delivery.

NXT is a governance token that will allow supply chain nodes to have the right to vote for future improvements of the ecosystem.

NXT is used as a reward for incentivizing green behaviors such as recycling behaviors, local consumption, reuse, repair, and sharing.

Users of the platform do not need to hold tokens or purchase them off an exchange. All fiat to NXT conversions, and NXT transactions, happen autonomously on the backend. So if a company does not want to be paid in crypto, they can choose to be paid in any fiat currency they want. The platform will automatically convert fee of the fiat currency to NXT in the backend.

All payment amounts will be quantified in euro, so that while a payment is in escrow (waiting for goods to be delivered), the volatility of the token does not affect the buyer.

Token Design

Asset Name – NXT Token

Unit Name – NXT

Total Supply – 100.000.000

Decimals – 18

AllocationPercentagePercentage Unlocked
at Listing
Team20%0%24-months locked period with 12.5% quarterly release
Ecosystem Bank15%0%Locked for 6 months
Liquidity for Rewards3%0%Released only when necessary
Marketing7%0%12-months locked period with 8.3% monthly release
R&D12%0%6-months locked period with 16.6% monthly release
Advisors & Partners8%0%12-months locked period with 8.3% monthly release
Seed7.2%10%10% unlocked at TGE, the rest released 5% monthly
Private 22%10%10% unlocked at TGE, the rest released 10% monthly
Public3.8%15%15% unlocked at TGE, the rest released 20% monthly

Monetization Model

Nexity’s revenue model circles around cost savings and unlocking new growth opportunities. They rely on accessing emerging technologies such as Blockchain platforms, IoT devices, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence to resolve problems related to high costs and inefficient supply chains.

Revenue Model & Fee Structure:
Platform Revenue = Software-as-a-Service + Settlement Fee + Integrations & Services

Software-as-a-Service recurring revenue is based on automated workflows for executing global supply shipments. Pricing is tranched based on shipment type and volume.

Fees are settled as a standard 0.3% / transaction charged to the end-user when a smart contract is successfully executed.

Integrations & Services include professional services for business processes and integration as well as services like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Distribution Model
Funds collected by the network will be distributed to participants in the ecosystem:

• Developers
• Operators
• Partners
• Ambassadors


Value-added services and custom integrated module development are at the core of network visibility capabilities that leverage a variety of devices and hardware from GPS, RFiD and IoT as well as software applications.

In addition to the standard modules developed by Nexity Network, partners, developers and community members may create their own solutions to solve new use cases faster and with a better user experience. In the first phase of the partner program Nexity Network intends to distribute a percentage of the global net revenue collected by custom modules directly to the developers of those modules.


Nexity Network is designed to be a mission critical service that our end users rely upon to be accessible 24/7. Nexity expects digital supply chains to continue to grow and the network will require constant monitoring, security and network resource management to comply with service levels and scalability.

We believe the best way to accomplish this is via the use of a decentralized operators-based system that will allow participants in the ecosystem to help secure, optimize and scale the network as needed, while also being rewarded for their assistance. Nexity Network is planning to distribute a percentage of the net revenue as reward to partners that help us secure, optimize and scale the network.


Platform partners can work directly with organizations to help us meet a wider audience faster and at a lower sales cost. The Nexity Tools Providers agreement distributes a percentage of the net revenue to those interested in becoming a partner, which is negotiated independently.


Nexity Ambassadors are valued members of the community and contribute directly to the growth and success of the platform and ecosystem by leveraging their contacts in a given territory and referring qualified enthusiasts to the platform.