Eliminate manual processes and human errors in favor of a fast,
transparent, and secure agreement flow for your business.

The best place for all your contracts,
transactions, files, and more.

The Drivers
No-touch, lights out processing.
Built-in rules to orchestrate the processes.
360-degree view of all contractual parties.
Complete automation of the order's life cycle.


Limited visibility.
Insufficient velocity.
Counterfeiting and standardization.
We solve them all.

The next level of innovation.

Best in class user experience and speedy, digital adoption are powering the future of trade interactions.
Contract Flow
Create, edit and approve contract in a digital workspace. Secure them on a blockchain database.
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Collaborate securely with your partners in one unified environment. Share data with confidence.
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Engrave your signature into a cryptographic hash. A new way to prove your identity and ownership history.
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A holistic view of all purchse order stages. Dynamically tracked transactions and automated digital execution.
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Powered by USDC and backed by NXT. A new crypto-banking infrastructure to reimagine processing payments.
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In case you missed anything.

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Choose a plan that's right for your business.

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There's more to explore.

Digital Twins

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Trace your materials from source to product and end-use.

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Digitize your products with one scan.

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