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Nexity Network enables privacy, scalability, and security for the supply chain by unlocking the value trapped in assets, payment delays and helping countries and individuals to find a better way to trade and innovate.

Enterprises can eliminate traditional supply chain barriers and integrate actors big and small into an efficient, transparent, and secure global network.

The Platform is designed in consultancy with industry leaders in order to create a complete ecosystem of global and automated supply chain tools with an integrated payment system utilizing blockchain technology.




Our Vision

A world of collaboration build on a foundation of circularity and connectivity.

Our Mission

Enable organizations to adopt and use Nexity platform in their day-to-day business operations.

Contract Management

A core module on the platform is Contract Management. This will help business owners to manage contracts, documents, bills, and certificates. By leveraging blockchain technology, your company can speed up transactions with suppliers and partners. Everything in a secured and transparent digital environment.


Digitize any transaction between entities in an automated manner.

We will introduce a bidding system to ensure the choice of the most appropriate offer.

By entering order number of a specific transaction, the users can access the information of the goods and logistics. The time and volume of each transaction are aggregated in a dashboard to keep track of real-time progress of any transactions.

An integrated payment system is an important factor that will close the loop of an efficient and robust supply chain network.


Reducing costs – Through the platform, a company can reduce costs because even for small transactions a blockchain code is generated. Also, there is no need for paper documents to be stamped and approved.

Preventing counterfeiting & Double-Spending – The electronic documents stored on the blockchain are time-stamped and electronically signed. This feature permits full immutability of the content of the certificate and improves its authenticity and security as well.

Increase speed – You can share the data rapidly stored on the blockchain. By this, you reduce the time needed for obtaining evidence. Also, you can improve the efficiency of multi-party collaboration.

LifeCycle Management

With Nexity platform, companies can assign to each product with a unique ID and a digital passport that covers the entire lifecycle of the product. By using this module, each company can control the quality and authenticity of components. Furthermore, all the data stored on blockchain can be shared by product owners to different actors in the supply chain in an easy to create room.


Companies can manage the entire lifecycle of the components, keep track of product conditions based on the data collected through IoT sensors and devices. This module can be used by CSR managers to boost sustainability of production.

Product tokenization requires digitalisation by assigning a unique ID to keep track of the production, sales, maintenance, repair, transportation and ownership transfer of the product. All the data is securely stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Entire Lifecycle Management – Data related to production, transportation, sales, repair and resells will be checked and secured on the blockchain.

Enhance Digital Transformation – Blockchain and IoT facilitate the digital transformation of industries

Transparent and Secured – All the data is stored on the Ethereum Blockchain to guarantee security
and immutability.


Nexity combines blockchain with NFC & QR Code to ensure traceability of products’ entire lifecycle. Suppliers can check and verify all product information via the Nexity platform. This module contributes to effective supply management and financial services such as insurance for high-value goods.


Based on the product’s nature and the requirements of the beneficiary, goods are embodied with NFC / RFID chips or tagged with QR codes during production and allocated a unique ID to keep track of recorded data.

The data of each stage will be verified by a trusted partner, uploaded and stored on the blockchain to ensure its authenticity and immutability.

If your cross-border trade requires a letter of credit or an insurance, your financial service can obtain real-time information such as ownership confirmation records, verification records and transaction history to use these data for evaluation.


Production Management – To avoid overproduction the quantity of a specific product can be managed by scanning the product ID and receive notifications and alerts.

Supply Management – Based on the data generated by the IoT devices, entities are able to recognize whether there are congestions or problems and it will be easy to identify the source of a problem.

Corporate Social Responsibility – By integrating recycling solutions or green production into their supply chain network, the related data will be stored on the blockchain and used as a proof for green certification.


Intelligent workflows are automated, agile, and laying the foundation for how businesses deliver greater value both internally and externally. Nexity’s workflows change the trajectory and the nature of work with greater visibility, real-time insights, and the power to remediate problems across multiple business functions.


Nexity integrates forecasting and sales planning to streamline work, provide end-to-end visibility across the supply chain and correlate the data from soled systems. An AI-powered supply chain data center will predict disruptions in supply chains.

Nexity integrates the company’s annual operating plan with demand and supply planning to achieve a balance between inventory investment and service levels.

Nexity augmented the network with industry-trained machine learning algorithms to accurately predict demand and simulate fulfiment scenarios for future planning.


Exception Based Process – end-to-end visibility through a combination of data center and connected AI capabilities.

Mission-oriented teams – Demand sensing for immediate assessment and the longer-term ability to continually evaluate the balance between lean operations and risk moderation.

Touchless Process – Intelligent workflows to replace manual aggregation with automation, saving time and freeing up resources that can be allocated elsewhere.

Shared KPI’s incentives – Constant collaboration through shared platforms and collaborative rooms to help supply chain partners to join forces.


Nexity will integrate a circle layer on the platform to create a sustainable environment for enterprises to scale their growth potential. With blockchain production solution provided by CircleChain modules, companies will be able to keep track of all production-related data generated during extracting, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and sales. Permission granted, the data can be shared with all the actors and end users, providing sustainability metrics for analysis and facilitating the migration to a circular economy.


A smart-contract developed based on the carbon reduction model by the sustainability experts, calculate the carbon reduction equivalent of each act, and issue carbon credits for users that can be converted into NXT token.

To evaluate your impact, Environmental Profit % Loss will place a financial value on environmental impacts along the entire value chain of a business to help company’s sustainability metrics with traditional business management.


Supply Chain Simulation – By simulating the supply chain operation, the physical characteristics, movements and operations of vehicles can be analyzed to better understand traffic flows.

Digital Services – Nexity facilitate the digital transformation for your business activity and we can provide digital services such as finance, certification and insurance.

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