Green Points

The excitement of earnings.
Tokenized. On green.

Earn, support, recycle.
Everything in one point.

The Drivers
Build the circular economy.
Promote standards with actions and rewards.
Social welfare benefiting all.
Drive responsible consumption that balances economy, environment and society.

One box.
Multiple mysteries.

Is it a piece of land? Is it an NFT?
If it’s a product? Will it be virtual or physical?

Your sustainable behaviours. Virtually discounted.

Buy physical and virtual items. Lower the price. Increase your positive impact.

The portal

Lock your NXT. Start your responsible journey.
Farm now

Just green it. Be aware.

Responsible consumption.

The coolest thing on Earth.
Responsible consumption

Currently, we are consuming more resources than ever, exceeding the planet’s capacity for generation while acumulating waste and pollutants.

We need to redesign our values and goals embedded in the society on owning, showing and throwing.

Let’s use products that respond to our needs and bring a better quality of life while lowering the use of natural resources, toxic materials and emissions of waste.

Sounds like a plan?

Become responsible

Zero waste.

Recycle more.

Consume less.
The zero waste mission.

Let’s decouple the environmental degradation from economic growth.

It’s about doing more and better with less to increase net welfare gains by reducing resource use, degradation and pollution when we are consuming products.

More is delivered in terms of goods and services with less impact on Earth.

This is one of our missions. Let’s redesign the consumption behaviors. Together.

Become a green citizen




The 4 R's.

The first step in cutting down waste is to refuse what you don’t need. It’s free? It’s cheap? Doesn’t matter. Just don’t take it.

The link between refuse and reuse. Calculate what you consume, save money. Bring your own bag. Reduce the waste.

The third R or the ethos of responsibility. Buy less, reuse and share more. It makes us all richer and the planet much more clear.

Keep things in a circle. Upcycle to raise the quality, recycle to keep it on the same level or downcycle to lower it. It’s an healthy triangle.

Green loyalty.

Earn collectively.
Green earnings.

Enable your environmental consciousness. Reshape your habits. Everything is rewarded.

We are working hard to implement the next infrastructure for incentivizing green behaviors. From NFC tags on smart waste collection points, product-as-a-service tools, in-shop discounts, and more.

Be prepared to earn when you throw. or don’t.



Support circular

Save money.

Be healthy.