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TradeFi The next trade finance solution for supply chains and global trades.
Updated January 14, 2023
Digital Twins Controlling all aspects of your product in a blockchain-enabled world.
Updated January 16, 2023
Traceability Transparency first, second, and third.
Updated January 21, 2023
NFT Marketplace From trading cards for products to land and assets.
Updated January 29, 2023
Product Tracking Digital records for products and authenticity certificates.
Updated January 29, 2023
Circular Product Passports A stunning story about circular products and their lifecycle.
Updated December 03, 2022
Real Estate Tokenized shares for your home, assets, and more.
Updated December 04, 2022
Intelectual Property Blockchain-enabled IP registration and transactions.
Updated December 04, 2022
Cityverse Hub The next place to virtually buy products you love.
Updated June 08, 2022
Digital Identity The next lever of trust between individuals, organizations, and things.
Updated October 17, 2022
Circular Chain Alliance Building partnerships and innovation through knowledge and cooperation.
Updated July 20, 2022
The Website The digital hardquarter of Nexity Ecosystem.
Updated June 08, 2022
Nexity Blockchain A plublic blockchain using Proof of Authority as a consensus mechanism.
Updated February 28, 2022
Social Impact We anre doing our part to advance United Nations SDGs.
Updated June 08, 2022
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