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We are empowering community members to work together and create valuable tools for society.

Calling all Builders. Designers. Developers. Holders. Earthlings.

Nexity is your phygital home.

Get Involved. Why?

Find your spot.

Find and connect with like minded individuals to discuss, ponder, have fun and solve problems.

Earn a living.

Split the global power. Get paid well for your meaningful work. We are doers first.

Change the world.

Contribute to projects with real-world impact. It's time to act. Now.

Ok. How?

The Family

Enter your place and participate in community with other enthusiasts. We are global.

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The Projects

Check out how to get involved for a list of ways that you can contribute based on your skills.

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The Careers

Jobs for today and the future. Don’t work only for money. Join the vision. Be part of something.

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The Fellows

Boost your research study. Share with others.

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The Academy.

Contribute to Nexity Ecosystem by creating useful documentations, tutorials, developemnt guides, and tools.


The bug hunting.

Explore vulnerabilities in our dapps, propose improvements, and get rewards.


Grant Program.

Create next generation dapps that solve real problems.

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The Builders Manual

Detalied explanations and introductions for creators, learners, and community.

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