Circular Chain Alliance

Building partnerships and circular supply chain innovation through knowledge and collaborative operation. Openly.

New business models.

New business models

Establish new business partnerships.

Showcase your technology and products to ecosystem partners.

Market new use cases and innovations through strategic partnerships and co-development.

Access Open-source projects and deep technical, economic, and environmental insights.

Access test application functionality and performance of POCs.

Access investors and financiers that back our ecosystem.

High industry adoption.

High Industry Innovation

Contribute to best practices with new marketing channels.

Utilize ecosystem resources to build and design circular-shared business models.

Develop technology integration and synergies with existing solutions.

Build standards to drive interoperability and harmonization across the ecosystem.

Access test application functionality and performance of POCs.

Receive vendor directory placement.




Learn. Collaborate. Share.

Whether your focus is on blockchain or circular economic models, Nexity provides the most robust, inspiring, and actionable educational content to grow your skills.

Take advantage of early access to innovations, technical strategies, and tooling.

Participate in Interest & Working Groups to advance industry and customer use cases.

Enjoy free access to member technology showcases.

Access webinars and materials to sustain your sustainability journey

Govern your
market vertical.

Split the power.


Govern your market vertical. Split the power. Grow.

Participate in the Member Council to help guide the future of digital supply chain impact.

Discover decentralized supply chain governance based on joint operation.

Control your market vertical, propose, and develop new applications.

Access new collaboration environments between internal and external governance systems.

Earth can't wait.

Turn your organization on green.

Find out how


The cities of the future are designed today.

Find out how

Redesign the supply chains. Together.

Let's bring collaborative operation and circular economy to global supply chains by creating inter-organizational environments for sustainable growth.

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