Trace your materials from source to product and end-use.

Track and trace products safer, digital,
and more sustainable.

The Drivers
Build end-to-end visibility of supply chains.
Track environmental impact.
Support consumers buying decisions.
Authenticity and quality of products.


Missing shipments.
Counterfeit products.
Visibility and ownership control.
Trust and credibility.

We solve them all.

A twist in the supply chain.

Remove data silos, predict product behavior and establish real-time visibility across your global supply chain.
Supply Journal
Add your product and monitor your supply chain in real-time with blockchain, IoT, and NFC. Each consumption step. Fully visible.
Product Map
When Web3 and World 3.0 merge, your brand's IP rights become a powerful source of new profitability. That's why Nexity is developing a decentralized environment to push your product and service flow into a future where authenticity is incentivized and globalized.

Customer View

Digitize your product with one scan.

Show its authenticity.


There's more to explore.


Enable fast and secure flows for your business.

Digital Twins

Add your product to the blockchain, right now.

Non-Fungible Things

Digitize your product with one scan.

Cityverse Hub

Create, trade, and interact in a new virtual world.